--- Distilling ---

Make a chain of Crystal Clears.

Gather white pieces to the left first. Try to make CC8 or more.
Don't mind to waste spices during you are building the first CC chain.

Try to include more spices in the second CC chain.

Examples of moves --- Blue arrow first, then comes green one, and red one.

* Be careful and don't make a column of brown only.

--- Alchemistry ---

More colors > More bottles
Fill as many colors as you can at once. Then add the second or third bottle of a color if you can.

(One more green bottle can be added)

Fill bigger bottles first when you have a choice.
Try not to finish till you get at least one QS(Quick Silver).

Once you got a QS, get rid of those pipes you don't need, and get Voodoo!(11 bottles) in the next fill.


When you got a "Golden Coin"(bonus) --- If it is on "crossed" pipes, use it with 2 colors. If it is on a "single" pipe, better save it and use it with a Voodoo!.

* Check that you connected the same colors before pressing "fill" button.
** Restart your client after every 2 puzzles, as this puzzle is unstable and most likely to make you disconnected in.

--- Shipwrighting ---

Imagine how to build before you start moving pieces, place bigger patterns first.

Start building from the edge.

Build possibly coming patterns with the "extra" pieces.

(Expecting other patterns to come)

Clear smaller patterns first and end with a "five-pieces" pattern.