There are some different kinds of pillages, roughly 2 kinds of them, inner-arch and inter-arch. Most of the pillages that we usually do are inter-arch pillages. But ye don't need to stick to inter-arch pillages which is hard to do. Ye can just have fun with inner-arch pillages which is much easier. It's just that inner-arch pillages are not as profitable as inter-arch pillages.

If ye wanna know how we usually organize our inter-arch pillages, read the following.

--- route difficulties ---
All the routes have certain difficulties. Ye can check them on YPPedia here, -Jade- -Garnet- -Onyx-. The booty from harder routes are bigger. The 3 inter-arch routes, DN-TL, cochi-harm and jubi-hadri are some of the hardest routes. Besides, the booty from longer routes are bigger. Thus, inter-arch pillages can be the most profitable pillages if they are successful. But they are not just giving big booty, they are profitable because they are HARD. Brigands move differently, they have more moves, and the bots are good at sword fight and rumble. So we really need to be good at bnav and have good players onboard.

--- be responsible to the pillage ---
We never leave the pillages we ourselves started. I know in some big crews, officers leave their pillages asking other officers to take over. But we never do that. If we don't have much time, we just stroll around the starting island. We go only a couple of leagues, and then rechart and back, and repeat that, or just don't pillage.

--- a sloop needs 6 and 6 is full ---
Loading a big ship with good players is hard. So, we usually take out a sloop with 6 ppl onboard and have 2 on sails, 1 on carp, 1 on bilge, 1 on gun and 1 on lookout and bnav. We don't go with 5 or less ppl. When someone need to leave during a pillage, we look fer a replacement before the one leave. If the one really need to leave before we find the replacement, we stop at the next LP untill we find a replacement. Having 7 ppl on a sloop causes brig spawns attack us, and the booty won't be very big fer defeating brigs. So, fighting brigs is a waste of time and CBs. Thus, even tho the game allows us to have 7 ppl on a sloop, we don't.

--- minimum players requirements ---
From our experiences, we think we need players onboard with at least the following standings.
sails: ult+master or leg+renownd
gun: GM
bilge: master
carp: master

--- ask first ---
There are some ppl who send jobbing offers without asking. But it's considered to be rude among decent ppl. Besides, ppl can always be busy doing something. So, we do /who name command when we wanna job someone. When the one seems to be free, we send tells asking if the one wanna come pillage with us. And then, when the one says aye, we send jobbing offers.

--- station changes ---
Changing stations is harmful to the puzzle score, the ship performance, and the standings of the players. Especially, playing sail, bilge and carp fer less than 3 leagues can easily cuase the standings down. So we avoid asking the players to change stations unless they themselves wanna change, and never ask fer sail, bilge or carp fer less then 3 leagues.

--- stock ---
We need at least 30rum and 200cb fer just strolling around the starting island. We usually have 50rum and 300cb on inter-arch, and even 50 rum can be used up when we have 8 or more battles.

--- barbarians ---
Rumble is still kinda new in the ocean. Barbarians on inner-arch are not so hard tho, ye need to be careful about them when ye're on inter-arch. If ye don't have good rumblers onboard, avoiding barbs can be a good choice.

--- dis and re ---
We disengage the battle and reengage if we got much damage. But if it was us who engaged the battle, the game doesn't allow us to reengage. So we always try to let the spawns attack us. When we do dis-and-re, we max them first, so that they won't have enough speed to run away and won't have many moves on the battle of reengage.

--- win the first battle ---
If we lose the first battle of the pillage, the booty fer the whole pillage will be cheap. So, we try to make sure we win the first battle, and if we lose it, we port once and restart.