Unique Utopia - Terms of Flag Fund

~~~ Donations ~~~

Donations can be welcomed as one of the ways of raising the fund, but money can cause troubles so often, therefore we have to treat it carefully.

Plz read the followings closely before ye donate anything.

I will record each one of the incomes and outgoes of the flag fund, so yer donations would be definitely recorded. BUT, yer donation will never promise ye any rank, any position, anything at all in return. Besides, leaving the flag would not be a reason fer a refund. Only when yer ok with these terms, yer donation will be welcomed.

This is because I DO want to avoid these kinds of troubles.
In me past experiences of blockades, there always were some ppl who insisted, "I donated much more than him, so my rank should be higher than him!", "I donated 10 frigs, so I will do the admiral!", and so on... Plz remember that all we want is FUN, and obviously, these troubles can ruin our fun. So, rather not donate anything than cause any kind of troubles later.

~~~ Refunds ~~~

The flag fund would be refunded ONLY when we disband our flag and we have something left in the flag fund. The amount of refund to ye would be calculated from the percentage of yer donation in the whole income of the fund.